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The Role of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in 2023

What is a CFO? In both technology companies and startups, the position of the head of finances is titled Chief Financial Officer - or CFO for short.

Holiday greetings for customers, network and team in Switzerland

Have you had this experience too? The fourth and thus last quarter of the year is the most productive and hectic time for creators and entrepreneurs. After the summer break and a ramp-up, things get into full swing from October to December.

QR invoices? Now available free of charge with the Invoice Generator by Numarics

As of September 30, 2022, businesses issuing invoices in Switzerland will have to provide a QR payment section. This replaces the previous payment slip or upgrades it with a QR code for faster and more secure payment processing.

Trend Alert: Revenue-Based Financing

This is how you can finance your startup without giving out company shares.

Self-Employed With A Side Hustle In Switzerland - These Are Our Tips For Getting Started.

Self-employment as a sideline is an option for many to approach the new terrain step by step. For others, it is a "side hustle" to increase the cash flow with one's own skills and ideas.

Home Office: This Is What Saves You Taxes When Working From Home

Are you an entrepreneur with a business in Switzerland working from home? Then you have plenty of opportunities to save taxes by knowing which expenses you can claim as business expenses. Here we show you some home office expenses that you may not be aware of as tax deductible.

What Skills Do Startup Founders Need Most

From the ability to successfully build a network to the willingness to constantly educate yourself - Here we highlight some of the skills it takes for startup founders to succeed.

The Superpowers Of Solopreneurs

Entrepreneurship is booming. In 2021, more than fifty thousand new companies were founded in Switzerland. More than ever before. Most of these are sole proprietorships. But the superpower of sole proprietors is not just in the numbers. 

What Is A Business Operating System (OS)?

Why Numarics is developing an OS instead of software and why it's the future of entrepreneurship. Success in business is achieved through efficient workflows in administration. This applies to every company, regardless of size or industry. 

How Do I Become Successful? The Most Important Success Factors For Your Startup

Studies show that more than 80% of all startups fail. Or to put it another way: Only two out of ten startups become successful. Why is that the case? And are there success factors that founders or a founding team should pay special attention to? Is there such a thing as a formula for success?

Volker Doberanzke, PHD

What is a balance sheet and how do I read a balance sheet? Numarics provides answers.

Once you have started your business, you will have to perform a variety of administrative tasks. Some of them are required by law. These include the annual preparation of a balance sheet and an income statement.

Volker Doberanzke, PHD

No Success Without A Plan: The Business Plan

Are you looking to start a new business? Or do you want to expand your existing business? Then you need a plan: Without a plan there is no success. We show you the most important components for a powerful business plan. Numarics gives answers.

Volker Doberanzke, PHD

Steering With Key Figures: How To Navigate Your Business Through All Situations

What are the most important parameters for managing your company? What are the characteristics of these key figures? And how should such key figures be used?

Volker Doberanzke, PHD

Great Idea - And Then What? How To Fund A Startup

You have a great idea - innovative, groundbreaking and highly relevant. How do we finance the implementation of the idea? Where will the money come from? Who can we ask and who will support us?

Volker Doberanzke, PHD

What is the FIRE (financial independence, early retirement) movement?

More and more people around the world are engaging in strategies from the FIRE movement.

The Content Creator Boom: What is the Creator Economy?

Content creators are on the rise, creating a class of new, independent businesses in the creative industries - the so-called creator economy, one of the fastest-growing industries today.

Starting A Start-Up In 2022

Start-up Switzerland: Numarics supports the founding of your company and relieves you of administrative tasks while you focus on your core business.

Why We Need To Find Alternatives For Thermal Paper Sales Slips

They are not only a nuisance. Above all, they are extremely harmful to the environment.

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