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Let's achieve great things together: With Numarics, you will always have a team of experts at your disposal who will take care of all the formalities and complex legal issues involved in setting up a company.

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Why join the ecosystem?

We take care of submitting all documents and reports to the authorities on time. From company formation to the first invoice in just one step!

Create a fully integrated business account in no time. With our digital banking solution, you can also receive payments via Stripe and PayPal (coming soon).

Run your business from anywhere in the world...
Whether it's creating invoices, uploading expense receipts or checking cash flow: That and more is effortlessly possible with our app.

Our ecosystem and our in-house fiduciary experts take care of your accounting. All you have to do is send invoices and upload expense receipts when needed!

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Use of the best enterprise apps in Switzerland
  • Unlimited bookings per year
  • Ongoing accounting
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Sending customized quotes and invoices
  • Processing of receipts scanned by you
  • Payroll accounting for all employees
  • Communication with authorities*
  • Academy
  • VAT reporting
  • Paperless office: Numarics Scan Center
  • Professional advice
  • Tax return (Company)
  • Numarics Mail Concierge (optional)

Onboarding: one-off CHF 300**-500

*If power of attorney and documents are available
**If all documents are available

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With Numarics you save valuable time when starting your business and enjoy comprehensive support with accounting and banking. Talk to us and we will explain the next steps to you!

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How does the Numarics start-up service work?

How does the Numarics start-up service work?

  1. We guide you through our onboarding process and get your business up and running faster than you can imagine. Start your business here.
  2. We give you all the tools you need for straightforward business management and business banking. From simple invoicing to digital document management.
  3. We always keep an eye on your accounting. When something needs your attention or you need to send important documents, we'll remind you. With Numarics, you're guaranteed not to miss any deadlines!

What kind of companies can I start through Numarics?

What kind of companies can I start through Numarics?

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a corporation, or a limited liability company: We can help you start your business in any legal form. Click here.

How can I close my company?

How can I close my company?

With us, you have your business under control and recognize problems early. Should it still come to that, we will find a quick and uncomplicated solution for you.

Is Numarics really free?

Is Numarics really free?

The 30-day trial version (incl. all features) is 100% free and without any obligations. After 30 days you can either switch to the paid premium version or continue to use our scanning, DocuBox, and invoicing tool for free.

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