Digital Nomads - Best Practices: Free Webinar with Dominique Rey, Business and Finance Expert.

In our Numarics Academy, the finance professionals from Numarics provide the Swiss startup community with financial expertise - easy to understand, and free of charge.

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Running a Business in Switzerland as a Digital Nomad

In this webinar, our business and finance expert Dominique Rey introduces best practices for running your business in Switzerland from anywhere - 100% digitally managed.

Entrepreneurship is booming. In 2021, more than 50,537 new companies were founded in Switzerland - more than ever before. Most startups are solo entrepreneurs, launching their new business from home or a local coworking space. But entrepreneurship offers the dream of freedom and independence, and why not work from a jungle in Indonesia or a bustling café in Lisbon instead of from home? 

The biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs is feeling like they have to be on site all the time to avoid missing business mail, especially from tax authorities requesting documents and financial reports.

Also startups who start as small teams are increasingly taking advantage of the digital opportunities for remote work. Teams nowadays can be located in all parts of the world and build great products through collaboration via digital platforms such as Slack or Basecamp for team communication and file sharing. However, every business needs a business registration in a place where it is also liable to pay taxes and must be accessible for communication with the authorities. 

When your business is registered in Switzerland, however, there is no need to be on-site anymore, with Numarics fully digitizing your tax responsibilities.

Numarics is a business operating system designed for the needs of today’s entrepreneurs. As such, our artificial intelligence and operational team of financial experts take care of the communication with authorities for you. Through the Numarics dashboard entrepreneurs not only have real-time overview of the financial status of their business including the expected taxes, but receive notifications via the app of which documents to hand in for VAT and annual filings. Think of Numarics as your virtual accountant, providing full transparency and financial forecasting every step of the way.

At Numarics, we understood the desire to work from anywhere in the world. That is why we launched the new tool Mail Concierge which enables world travelers and digital nomads to receive their business mail on-time digitally, as scans through the app.

Find out why there are no reasons to be local in Switzerland to manage your Swiss business in the upcoming webinar. Ask our finance expert Dominique about all your concerns when traveling whilst running a business in Switzerland.

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Friday, 25th February 2022:

  • Why entrepreneurs use Numarics as a virtual accountant
  • Do I have to be in Switzerland in person for my business?
  • Best practices for Digital Nomads to work from anywhere in the world without the need to be on-site in Switzerland for your Swiss-based business
  • The new Mail Concierge tool - how it works for your business
  • The option for a business address in Switzerland provided by Numarics

Friday, 25th February 2022

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