Prices and packages

Numarics offers different packages for different needs. Contact us if you need help with the selection.

Plans designed for you


On Request

Use of the best enterprise apps in Switzerland
  • Unlimited bookings per year
  • Ongoing accounting
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Sending customized quotes and invoices
  • Processing of receipts scanned by you
  • Payroll accounting for all employees
  • Communication with authorities*
  • Academy
  • VAT reporting
  • Paperless office: Numarics Scan Center
  • Professional advice
  • Tax return (Company)
  • Numarics Mail Concierge (optional)

Onboarding: one-off CHF 300**-500

*If power of attorney and documents are available
**If all documents are available

Focus completely on your business

Numarics is designed for small and medium businesses. It is a straightforward and user-friendly Ecosystem System that is easy to use for everyone in your team.

Numarics is subject to the highest standards of data protection and secure payment processing. Our platform is fully encrypted and we adhere to the data protection regulations in force in Switzerland

Numarics makes things easier for you. We take care of all your administrative tasks so you can grow faster and win more customers.

Service is important to us. We work hand in hand with you to help you get the most out of Numarics. Our specialists are there for you - conveniently via live chat in our app.

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