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Save yourself repetitive data entry and erroneous payrolls. With Numarics Payroll you hand over the payroll accounting to us and regulate the payment of your employees, insurances and authorities with minimal effort.

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Why payroll?

Payroll accounting and reporting are real time-consumers. Numarics Payroll helps you keep track of everything and meet reporting deadlines with ease. The tool takes care of employee onboarding, calculates hourly or monthly wages, and provides employees with pay stubs & annual wage statements instantly for tax filing.

Ory - Owner of Ory's Barbershop - Zurich

With Numarics` digital ecosystem, all accounting services are performed easily at the push of a button. This way I can fully concentrate on my work.

Full control over
your payroll accounting

  • Monthly pay stubs and annual wage statements are always available and easy to send. You don't have to create anything manually anymore and save valuable time!..
  • Send annual wage statements automatically and without delay to the appropriate insurance companies. With Numarics Payroll you are guaranteed not to miss any deadlines.
  • After the end of each month, we automatically post the payroll entries in financial accounting. You don't have to do anything and can concentrate on your core business.

Available soon

  • Automatically remind your employees to record their hours digitally.
  • Whether vacation planning, overtime or vacations: With Numarics Payroll, you have everything digitally under control.
  • Have employees record absences through our app so that payroll, including per diem, is recorded correctly.
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