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Out and about in the world. With Numarics Mail Concierge

There are no more reasons to be on-site to manage your business registered in Switzerland. Numarics scans your business mail and keeps it ready for you in the app.

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Why Mail Concierge

Business mail always timely on your cell phone - Ideal for digital nomads and Swiss business owners who travel a lot or do not even live in Switzerland. Because:

Switzerland also offers entrepreneurs without local residency the opportunity to have a place of business in Switzerland.

This is particularly attractive for international entrepreneurs who often choose Switzerland for its financial and political stability.

With Numarics Mail Concierge, your physical business mail is scanned by us and deposited in your Docubox. So you always have everything in near real-time with notification in your Numarics app.

As part of the domiciliation service, we also offer the establishment of a business address in Switzerland. This way you can set up and manage a business in Switzerland from anywhere in the world.

Andrea Steiner - Head of the Children's Cancer Research Foundation Switzerland - Zurich

The expertise at Numarics is convincing in every respect - whether the digital connection or the fiduciary advice - I feel well looked after all round. This allows us to be fully committed to children's cancer research.

Your business with Numarics Mail Concierge

  • 100% remote: Receive your business mail directly to your cell phone - no matter where a business is located in Switzerland. We take care of the forwarding and scanning service directly into the Numarics app.
  • Start your business from anywhere in the world: On request, we offer you a business address - for entrepreneurs with or without permanent residence in Switzerland.
  • Save valuable time and sit back with a secure feeling. There is no longer any reason to be on site in Switzerland, except for the ski season..

Check out the unbeatable prices for Numarics Mail Concierge here.

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