Manage documents with ease: The DocuBox

All your company documents in one place.

Bye-bye, paperwork chaos! With DocuBox by Numarics, you can keep all your documents in order and archive them effortlessly via smartphone or drag-and-drop.

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Why DocuBox?

Ordinary document management is time consuming. You have to manually type up invoices and receipts, send physical documents back and forth - and often documents get lost or information reaches accounting too late. With DocuBox by Numarics, that's all a thing of the past. Just scan documents and and your digital Accountant takes care of posting, filing and reconciliation.

What customers say about Numarics

Raphael Helbling - Chairman of the Board Camping Bollingen AG - Bollingen (SG)

With the DocuBox by Numarics, document management becomes really easy. Another very convenient and innovative feature is our scanning function, which seamlessly works through your smartphone and the Numarics app.

Your office of tomorrow:

  • Store all your company documents in our cloud. Tag your documents with hashtags and labels so you can easily find them again.
  • Save valuable time. Whether it's invoices, receipts or contracts, You'll never have to manually transcribe your company documents again.
  • Stay on top of things. With DocuBox, your important company documents can be accessed via smartphone anytime and anywhere.
  • Never miss deadlines again. Our automatic push messages remind you to scan and submit documents.
  • Sit back with a peace of mind. Numarics complies with all legal requirements of the (Swiss) Business Records Ordinance (GebüV).
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