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Business management at the push of a button: With numarics you simplify your liquidity planning and see financial, asset and earnings situation in the dashboard at any time.

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Why Forecasting with numarics?

It is hard enough to make financial decisions. On top of that, manually preparing financial statements, tax returns, VAT statements, etc. is time-consuming and the documents are often prepared and submitted too late. With Numarics, your accounting is always up to date, so you can make better decisions and delays with tax offices are a thing of the past.

Sandro Triulzi - Owner Restaurant Punto 9 - Dübendorf

For me it is absolutely important to have an overview of my finances at all times. The Numarics Dashboard provides me with all the information I need - on my smartphone, in real time.

All key financial figures in your Dashboard 24/7

  • Whether it's the annual financial statement, balance sheet or income statement, with one look at the Numarics dashboard you'll immediately know how your company is doing and keep full control of your business.
  • Get comprehensive analysis of your numbers and gain a better understanding of key business figures. With Numarics, you'll make informed decisions with ease.
  • Complete business-related tasks in a timely manner and with just a few clicks thanks to our automated to-do list.
  • Intelligent forecasts (planned figures for income statement, balance sheet & liquidity) as an early warning system indicate liquidity bottlenecks and help you to take appropriate measures for your business at an early stage.
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