Starting A Start-Up In 2022

15 January 2022

Founding a startup in 2022 is nowhere easier than in Switzerland. We can claim this with a clear conscience, as we bundle the resources of technologies and experts that relieve founders of any and all bureaucratic hurdles.

Were you aware: These hurdles are the reason why many creative people don't pursue their business idea and the dream of entrepreneurship remains a dream. These include the fear of the many administrative tasks that already start in the founding process - from the choice of the legal form to the registration of the trade -, then there are documents and document management, tax registrations and duties that cause uncertainty.

At the same time, we can tell you that hardly any founder knows from the beginning how many reserves he or she should form, or which receipts have to be recorded and how.

What Are The Challenges Of Founding A Start-Up?

Start-ups often thrive on a disruptive, creative or innovative idea. At the same time, many start-ups are solo projects or consist of only a small team of two or three people. Especially in the early days, building up your own company requires full commitment. Regular working hours are almost unthinkable.

However, this is not the problem for most founders. What often clouds the joy of founding a company, however, are the bureaucratic and legal hurdles. The founding process alone is complicated and requires perseverance as well as professional knowledge. Numerous decisions have to be made and documents submitted.

Once everyday life settles in at the start-up, the bureaucracy is far from over. Accounting obligations, tax returns, VAT, payroll accounting or communication with the relevant authorities are just some of the issues. All of this takes time and causes frustration.

These are some of the reasons why many people shy away from starting a business. A lack of consulting services is also repeatedly cited as a reason for not taking the step into self-employment. So these are the biggest hurdles for a start-up:

  • Complicated founding process
  • Lack of advisory options
  • High bureaucratic workload in everyday life

Founding A Start-Up In 2022 - This Is The Process

The first step is to choose the best legal form. You can learn more about this in the free Numarics Academy. This has a big impact on your later business operations. Accordingly, the choice between sole proprietorship, the Swiss GmbH or AG or another legal form is important.

After that, the actual formation of your startup begins. It requires the creation of documents and registrations. These include, for example, the commercial register application and public deeds.

The next step is to open the capital contribution account. There, the business capital is paid in by all founders, if this is stipulated for the foundation of the chosen company form. This is the case, for example, with an AG or GmbH. The Swiss bank then confirms the opening and deposit. This is done within four to seven working days.

With the deposit confirmation, it is then possible to carry out the notarization of the incorporation documents. The documents are subsequently sent to the Commercial Registry Office. There, a commercial register entry is created. This is the actual moment of incorporation.

Even before the actual establishment of your company, you can take advantage of the services of Numarics. We advise founders on the possibilities and on choosing the right legal form. 

How Does Numarics Help With The Start-Up Founding?

If you register your startup directly via the Numarics app, we will guide you step by step through the process of setting up a company.

Numarics accompanies you together with a cost-effective founding partner through the complete start-up process. We are involved in all tasks - from the legal registration to the entry in the commercial register. Numarics works fully digitally and saves you the trouble of dealing with the authorities, which can otherwise take a long time.

Numarics accelerates the formation of your start-up, as we are very familiar with the process of setting up a company in Switzerland. The incorporation process will be much easier for you. You don't have to worry about all the details related to the process.

After The Start-Up Foundation

We've taken on the task of seamlessly integrating business management into the lifestyle of founders. In doing so, you can handle all processes, from company formation to invoicing to tax filings, from your cell phone - via the Numarics app. In the background, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and renowned accountants and auditors work to get your accounting done cleanly and in a timely manner. In addition, you receive professional financial forecasts via the app. This is the only way you can safely plan investments and reserves.

This way you can completely focus on your start-up, save time and have fun with your actual work.

Numarics is a virtual combination of accounting software, business consultant and accountant. With this all-in-one solution, you transfer all commercial and administrative activities to Numarics. We take care of the tasks that arise outside of your core business. With this digital ecosystem, you have more time for your start-up. 

Which Features Are Included In Numarics? 

Numarics is a comprehensive business management system. It offers you automated accounting and a paperless office. This saves you time and relieves you of accounting tasks. Invoices and quotes are also created via Numarics, which further reduces the administrative effort. Receipts that you scan via your cell phone are stored according to legal requirements. 

As a virtual fiduciary, Numarics takes care of the communication with authorities as well as the preparation and submission of all tax forms. If there are deadlines and information is still missing, Numarics will remind you. Numarics also takes care of payroll accounting for you.

Numarics takes care of these tasks for you and your start-up:

  • Consulting before the foundation
  • Support during the foundation process
  • Ongoing bookkeeping
  • Invoice management
  • Processing and archiving of documents for accounting purposes
  • Preparation of annual accounts and tax returns
  • Communication with authorities
  • Monitoring of deadlines
  • Preparation of financial forecasts

With this, Numarics offers you a unique environment that takes care of your startup. You no longer have to deal with administrative tasks. Numarics takes care of everything and is intuitive, automated and yet personal at the same time.

You are planning to found a start-up in Switzerland and are looking for support with the formalities? Contact us here and tell us about your idea! We will be in touch and advise you - individually and comprehensively.

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