Automated Accounting


With Numarics, accounting becomes perhaps the coolest thing in the world. Your digital CFO takes all the administrative tasks off your hands and you can focus on what's really important. Your business, your customers and your goals!

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Why automated accounting?

Numarics automated accounting minimizes human error and provides you with fast and reliable financial analysis for your decision making. We automatically post all data to the balance sheet and income statement, report tax separately, calculate your cash flow, and - if you wish - initiate payments directly through the existing business account.

What the accounting of Numarics makes so special

All features such as DocuBox, the invoice tool or Numarics Payroll are linked to the accounting system by intelligent algorithms and are constantly synchronized.

Our algorithms are constantly learning and improving. Experienced accounting experts train and develop them continuously.

Despite a high degree of automation, we rely on human quality control to guarantee compliance with laws and regulations and to provide our customers with the highest quality.

Using artificial intelligence, Numarics can analyze past records and recent developments and predict future trends.

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