The first digital ecosystem for SMEs

Based on artificial intelligence and years of accounting know-how, we solve all your administrative challenges.

Why you are in the right place here

Numarics is the first digital CFO for SMBs and an all-in-one solution for your accounting and business management. Hand over all commercial and administrative tasks to us and focus 100 percent on what is really important: Your business, your customers and your success.

Which problem we solve for you

Accounting is a must - regardless of the size of the company. Technology has revolutionized many industries over the past few decades, but not accounting. Even today, bookkeeping consists of manual work - combined with high fees for accountants and software. With Numarics, you have a fully integrated digital accounting solution that uses artificial intelligence to combine the accounting and the accounting software.

What makes us different

We offer you much more than just access to a more or less convenient IT system. At Numarics, you get access to a highly automated digital ecosystem based on intelligent algorithms that eliminates the need to outsource accounting and administrative work. Welcome to the world's first digital CFO!

Why we exist

Numarics was developed by experts in the fields of accounting, digitalization, artificial intelligence and auditing. We want to create a service that eliminates bureaucratic stumbling blocks and time-consuming activities - and makes successfully running a business as easy as possible. 

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