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Based on artificial intelligence and years of fiduciary know-how we solve all your administrative challenges.

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Why you are right here

Numarics is the first all-in-one solution for your accounting and business management. Hand over all commercial and administrative tasks to us and concentrate 100 percent on what is really important: your company, your customers and your success.

What problem we solve

Technology has revolutionized many industries in recent decades, but accounting has remained almost unchanged - especially in the small and medium business sector.... Yet studies show that the administrative challenges for SMEs are enormous - almost 2/3 of all small and medium-sized enterprises rank accounting among their five biggest challenges in everyday business.

What makes us special

We offer you much more than just access to a more or less convenient IT system. At Numarics, you get access to a highly automated digital ecosystem based on intelligent algorithms, making outsourcing of accounting and administrative work unnecessary. Welcome to the world's first digital CFO!

This is who we are

We are not just a software or an artificial intelligence. Our team of IT professionals, business accountants and innovative minds work every day to simplify your business administration. We look forward to assisting you and your business.


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